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  • MsBirgith


    Passionate about Marketing, Photography and sharing my journey of success with others. Find out more about me on www.msblifestyle.com / Twitter: ms_birgith

  • Ayushi choudhary

    Ayushi choudhary

    Machine learning and data science enthusiast. Eager to learn new technology advances.

  • Annamariya Tharayil

    Annamariya Tharayil

    Software Engineer. Find me @ www.linkedin.com/in/annamariya-jt

  • Hritika Aggarwal

    Hritika Aggarwal

    Hi, I am Hritika Aggarwal, a Professional Makeup Artist based in India. As a qualified professional, I guarantee to be attentive to all of your needs.

  • Matt Przybyla

    Matt Przybyla

    Sr/MS Data Scientist. Top Writer in Artificial Intelligence, Technology, & Education. Towards Data Science. Subscribe: https://datascience2.medium.com/subscribe

  • Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith

    Into Tech

  • Harshita Solanki

    Harshita Solanki

    This blog is about poetry, social issues, empowerment and education.

  • Will Koehrsen

    Will Koehrsen

    Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator

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