70+ Data Analysis Projects with Python

70+ Amazing Data Analysis Projects with Python: solved and explained.

Aman Kharwal
2 min readMay 14, 2021


From logging into your Facebook account to buying a new iPhone, it’s all backed up somewhere. We have so much data today that it’s used everywhere today, for example, to help a business understand a client’s needs or to help a dating app find the perfect fit for you. So when we analyze a large amount of data to find relationships between different characteristics, it is nothing more than data analysis. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best data analysis projects with Python, that you can try as a beginner.

Data Analysis Projects with Python

  1. Electric Vehicles Market Size Analysis
  2. Food Delivery Cost & Profitability Analysis
  3. Hypothesis Testing
  4. Delhi Metro Network Analysis
  5. Quantitative Analysis of Stock Market
  6. Analytics Dashboard
  7. Cohort Analysis
  8. App Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  9. Stock Market Comparison Analysis
  10. Ads CTR Analysis and Forecasting
  11. Air Quality Index Analysis
  12. Fitness Watch Data Analysis
  13. RFM Analysis
  14. Market Basket Analysis
  15. Stock Market Performance Analysis
  16. Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis
  17. Consumer Behaviour Analysis
  18. B2B Courier Charges Accuracy Analysis
  19. Text Analysis
  20. Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  21. Supply Chain Analysis
  22. Demand & Supply Analysis
  23. Recession Analysis
  24. Store Sales & Profit Analysis
  25. Exploratory Data Analysis
  26. Accelerometer Data Analysis
  27. User Funnel Analysis
  28. Algorithmic Trading
  29. A/b Testing
  30. T20 World Cup 2022 Analysis
  31. Twitter Timeline in the Stock Market Analysis
  32. Instagram Reach Analysis
  33. Screen Time Analysis
  34. Stock Market Analysis
  35. Smartwatch Data Analysis
  36. Virat Kohli Performance Analysis
  37. Google Search Analysis
  38. Survey Analysis
  39. Social Progress Index Analysis
  40. Career Aspirations Survey Analysis
  41. iPhone Sales Analysis
  42. Diamond Price Analysis
  43. Covid-19 Impacts Analysis
  44. IPL 2022 Analysis
  45. Ukraine Vs Russia: Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  46. Waiter Tips Analysis and Prediction
  47. Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  48. Time Series Analysis
  49. TikTok Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  50. Tinder Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  51. Uber Trips Analysis
  52. WhatsApp Chats Analysis
  53. Water Quality Analysis
  54. Squid Game Sentiment Analysis
  55. Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  56. Movie Rating Analysis for Beginners
  57. Worldwide Billionaires Analysis
  58. Unemployment Analysis
  59. WhatsApp Chats Sentiment Analysis
  60. Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis
  61. Financial Budget Analysis
  62. Best Streaming Service Analysis
  63. Data Science Project on Birth Rate Analysis
  64. Data Science Project on Time Series
  65. Data Science Project on Area and Population
  66. Amazon Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  67. Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  68. Google Play Store Sentiment Analysis
  69. Instagram Reach Analysis
  70. Amazon Alexa Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  71. Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  72. Customer Personality Analysis
  73. Netflix Data Analysis
  74. Covid-19 Vaccine Sentiment Analysis
  75. Cohort Analysis


So these were some of the best data analysis projects with Python that you can try as a beginner. After working on these projects, if your next goal is to get your hands on data science and machine learning, you can find over 200+ projects here. Hope you liked this article on data analysis projects with Python. Please feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.