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Many freshmen with data science skills struggle to get their first job as data scientists. One of the main reasons behind this is that an interviewer doesn’t find the perfect personality in you to fit into a data scientist role. So, to prepare for your first data science job, you…

This article will introduce you to over 280 machine learning projects solved and explained using the Python programming language.

Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Before moving to the complex projects in the next section, I advise you to explore these beginner-level projects if you are new to Machine Learning.

  1. Stock Price Prediction
  2. Stock Price Prediction…

In this article, I will take you through an explanation and implementation of all Machine Learning algorithms and models with Python programming language.

All Machine Learning Algorithms & Models with Python

  1. Assumptions of Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Multiclass Classification Algorithms
  3. Binary Classification Algorithms
  4. Most Important Python Libraries for Data Science
  5. Best Approaches for Sentiment Analysis
  6. Giving Inputs to a…

A neural network is a computational structure that connects an input layer to an output layer. This computational structure is used in training deep learning models that can easily outperform any classical machine learning algorithm. As a data science beginner, you must have heard about neural networks before, but do…

Deep Learning project ideas that you must try.

Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning that mimics the human brain to solve complex problems. Deep Learning is used to train computers to perform tasks where humans are good at, but computers are not. If you are learning deep learning…

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today. As it is an open-source programming language, so many contributors contribute to Python to allow it for endless possibilities. This is what makes Python useful for web development, Database access, desktop GUI applications, machine learning, scientific and numeric calculations, education…

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