25+ Machine Learning Projects with Python

A list of Machine Learning projects you can work on as a beginner in Machine Learning!

25+ Machine Learning Projects with Python


  1. Credit Score Classification
  2. Consumer Complaint Classification
  3. Password Strength Checker
  4. Spam Comments Detection
  5. Online Food Order Prediction
  6. MNIST Digits Classification
  7. Online Payments Fraud Detection
  8. Classification with Neural Networks
  9. Language Detection
  10. News Classification
  11. Iris Flower Classification
  12. Sarcasm Detection
  13. Social Media Ads Classification


  1. Food Delivery Time Prediction
  2. Diamond Price Prediction
  3. Salary Prediction
  4. House Rent Prediction
  5. Instagram Reach Prediction
  6. Student Marks Prediction
  7. Waiter Tips Prediction
  8. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction
  9. Stock Price Prediction
  10. Health Insurance Premium Prediction

Time Series:

  1. Time Series Forecasting with ARIMA
  2. Weather Forecasting
  3. Website Traffic Forecasting
  4. Business Forecasting


  1. Credit Card Clustering
  2. Clustering Music Genres


I hope this list of Machine Learning projects will help you improve your practical implementation of all the concepts of Machine Learning. This list will keep updating with more projects. Please feel free to ask valuable questions in the comments section below.



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